About the Authors

Dr. Vijay Kanabar, and Dr. Kip Becker have been early pioneers in the eCommerce field. They were amongst the earliest evangelists for eCommerce and internet marketing education in academia. Both of them introduced one of the first specialty masters degree in eCommerce at Boston University where they teach core courses of the concentration. The early edition of the book is an outcome of their experience with teaching such courses at Boston University.It was subsequently edited and updated by Avanti Pandit. The current edition is now wholly maintained by Kanabar and Pandit.

Vijay Kanabar is an Associate Professor at Boston University. He teaches project management, innovative marketing, and web development courses. Prof. Kanabar is the Director of PM programs. He can be reached at kanabar@bu.edu.

Avanti Pandit is an Adjunct Professor at Boston University Metropolitan College. She teaches the Innovative Marketing Techniques course as well as guest lectures for the Project Management course. She is an MBA and MSIS graduate from the Boston University Graduate School of Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with training in Black-Belt Six Sigma (DFSS). She can be reached at apandit@bu.edu.

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Dr. Vijay Kanabar

Dr. Vijay Kanabar

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